About Madison WiT

Madison Women in Tech is a supportive, inclusive community of women and gender nonbinary folks working or interested in technology, from designers to programmers to recruiters to students. Through regular events and a digital newsletter, we empower and elevate women and enbys in Madison’s tech scene.

Formed in July of 2013, WiT has grown from 2 members to more than 2,500, and is now one of the largest tech meetup groups in Madison.  WiT sponsors social meetups, educational events, and career development opportunities, and we consistently seek feedback from members to ensure our programming is relevant and timely. We actively seek ways to support and encourage people of color, women and non-binary persons in the tech community. 


Any woman or nonbinary person interested in or working in technology is welcome at ALL of our events.

Men are welcome at most of our events, but not all; occasionally, we host events that are specifically for women and nonbinary folks. In either case, we will make it clear in the event description. Still unsure if it's appropriate for you to attend? Feel free to shoot us an email at admin@madisonwomen.tech and double-check (we're very nice ❤️).

We highly encourage you to bring children along! We aren't often able to provide dedicated childcare, and some of our events might not be appropriate for children (depending on their age), but we try to choose event spaces that are child-friendly.

With rare exceptions, all our in-person events are hosted at accessible locations near multiple public transportation options; we also work to have gender neutral bathrooms available at every in-person event. When food is involved, we make sure to have items available for vegan and gluten-free attendees.


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