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Madison Women in Tech is a supportive, inclusive community that empowers and elevates women and nonbinary folks in the Madison, WI tech scene.

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Virtual Matched Pairing Night!

Tuesday, Apr. 27

Taking inspiration from DevTogether, we're hosting a matched pairing night!

Folks can sign up to either be a "Learner" or a "Helper", specifying which areas (ie: resume review, product management, Ruby on Rails) that they're interested in either working on or helping someone with, respe...

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Member Reviews

"Every event I attend, I'm more thankful that I found this group. Big thanks to Hilary, Ashley and Catherine! I appreciate that you make events welcoming and supportive. The mailing list is so helpful too!"


"It's awesome to see how Women In Tech has their fingers in all sorts of techie pies, offering lots of opportunities to members and chances for diverse groups of tech-interested people to find one another!"


"I really enjoy Women in Tech; it gives me the confidence that I need."


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