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Madison Women in Tech is a supportive, inclusive community that empowers and elevates women and nonbinary folks in the Madison, WI tech scene.

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NEW DATE: "Language Does More: Exploring Language as Tech, as Data, as Identity"

Thursday, May. 30

*This event was originally scheduled in March as a hybrid event, but inclement weather and school closings led to us postponing it for later in spring.*

Language does more than you think it does. Join Sam...

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“Thanks a bazillion Madison Women in Tech for all your 'behind the scenes' efforts to thoughtfully bring / partner on this and other engaging community / learning events!”


"Madison Women in Tech is a great, supportive and empowering community for me, to see local women come together and support each other is inspiring and encouraging!!"


"Awesome group of intelligent, strong women! Great supportive and informative dialogue."


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