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Madison Women in Tech is a supportive, inclusive community that empowers and elevates women and nonbinary folks in the Madison, WI tech scene.

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DevFest WI: Tech & Inclusivity Conference!

Thursday, Aug. 22

**Madison Women in Tech helps organize DevFest WI, a tech conference focused on inclusivity. Tickets cost $25, which includes breakfast items and full lunch; you can register [at the DevFest WI website](https://www.devfestwi.com/#t...

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Member Reviews

"I really enjoy Women in Tech; it gives me the confidence that I need."


"Every event I attend, I'm more thankful that I found this group. Big thanks to Hilary, Ashley and Catherine! I appreciate that you make events welcoming and supportive. The mailing list is so helpful too!"


"Madison Women in Tech is a great, supportive and empowering community for me, to see local women come together and support each other is inspiring and encouraging!!"


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