Any woman or nonbinary person interested in technology, studying technology or working in technology is welcome at ALL of our events.

Men are welcome at most of our events, but not all; occasionally, we host events that are specifically for women and nonbinary folks. (See individual event descriptions for details.) Unsure if it's appropriate for you to attend? Shoot us an email at and double-check (we're very nice ❤️).

COVID-19 UPDATE: Madison Women in Tech will continue to be online for the foreseeable future, and hews closely to recommendations from local health authorities.

Coming Events

Virtual Matched Pairing Night!

Tuesday, Apr. 27

Taking inspiration from DevTogether, we're hosting a matched pairing night! Folks can sign up to either be a "Learner" or a "Helper", specifying which areas (ie: resume review, product management, Ruby on Rails) that they're interested in either working on or helping someone with, respectively, a...

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VIRTUAL LUNCH & LEARN: Guide to Retirement

Tuesday, May. 11

Tech jobs tend to pay well, which is great - but getting a high income is only one part of being financially secure. In this talk, financial adviser / private client advisor Francesca Moore Colver will talk us through how to prepare for retirement. All genders are welcome! * About* Schedule* Zoom...

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Recent Past Events

ONLINE LUNCHTIME SOCIAL: Get-together for new (and new-ish) members!

Thursday, Apr. 08

We know it can be intimidating to show up to an event (virtual OR in-person) when you don't know anyone!

To help mitigate that, we're having one of our semi-annual social events just for ...

TECH MISHAPS NIGHT: Lightning talks about failure & recovery

Wednesday, Mar. 31

We're delighted to partner with UW-Women in IT for this member-led lightning talk event, featuring stories of times when something went wrong ... and how folks learned and grew from their mistak...

6th(ish) Annual Galentine's Day Celebration!

Sunday, Feb. 07

Galentine's Day was created by Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope on the TV show "Parks and Recreation", and it's a day to celebrate the cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfishes in your lif...

Speed Networking with UW-WIT!

Thursday, Jan. 28

We're delighted to partner again with the UW Women+ in IT for this event, geared toward making networking engaging and stress-free (even during a pandemic!).

All genders are welcome. Let'...

EDUCATIONAL: Online Trivia Night (with prizes!)

Saturday, Jan. 23

Do you have a head for random facts? Join WiT for a game of online trivia!

Pour yourself a glass of wine or fancy soda and let's test our collective knowledge together 🧠 All genders are w...