Frequently Asked Questions



What is Madison Women in Tech's approach to covid?

To ensure the safety of all our members, we conducted events virtually through Zoom for the first two years of covid. Given the current state of the pandemic, we have resumed in-person gatherings, in addition to virtual events. When an in-person event can't be held outdoors, we host it as a hybrid event whenever possible / appropriate. 

All attendees are encouraged to mask as they prefer, and we do not tolerate harassment of any kind over someone choosing to wear a mask.


What focus does WiT put on accessibility?

Madison Women in Tech aims to be as inclusive as possible, and we're always looking for additional ways (and better ways!) to ensure that all feel welcome at our events and in our community. Below are some of the primary ways we work to craft a welcoming, supportive space.

Code of conduct

All members who attend our events, both in-person and virtual, agree to adhere by our annually updated code of conduct. Find it here.


With rare exceptions, all our in-person events are hosted at accessible locations near multiple bus lines.

Dietary needs

When food is involved, we make sure to have items available for vegan and gluten-free attendees, and are happy to work with any other dietary needs folks might have (halal, nut allergy, etc.)

Gender considerations

All genders are welcome at the majority of our events; we occasionally host events intended specifically for women (including transwomen 💯) and nonbinary folks, and make it explicit in the event description when that's the case. 

We work with event hosts to ensure bathrooms designated gender neutral are available. 


We highly encourage members to bring children along! We aren't often able to provide dedicated childcare, and some of our events might not be appropriate for children (depending on their age), but we try to choose event spaces that are child-friendly.

Does it cost to join WiT?

Nope! Joining Madison Women in Tech is completely free, and the vast majority of our events are free, as well. 

On occasion, we'll host events with a small cost associated ($5 or less), such as attending a movie together or visiting the MMSD planetarium, but whenever an event has an external cost, we have funds to cover the fee for any who request it ❤️


When / how often does WiT hold events?

During COVID-19

We're currently holding about two events per month: one social event, and one professional development event. All our events are online for the foreseeable future. At this point, we don't anticipate holding any in-person events until late spring, at the earliest.

Pre- and post-pandemic

During normal times, we host an average of three to four events per month March through October, with at least one being social, at least one focused on education, and at least one geared toward professional development. We transition to two events in November, January and February, and one event in December (our annual holiday social, co-hosted with tech groups from across Madison).

Who can attend Madison Women in Tech events?

We deliberately curate spaces for and by women and nonbinary folks. Men who attend are expected to listen, and not center themselves or their experiences. At the majority of our events, all genders are welcome; we occasionally host events intended specifically for women (including transwomen 💯) and nonbinary folks, and make it explicit in the event description when that's the case.

Children are also welcome at the majority of our events; when that's not the case, we make it clear in the event description. You can also reach out to with any questions or concerns!

Get Involved

Are volunteering opportunities available?

WiT volunteering

As a volunteer-run organization, we're always on the lookout for help! Learn more here.

Community volunteering

You can find local tech organizations who often have need of volunteers on our resources page. We also share specific volunteering opportunities in our email newsletter - sign up here!


How often does Madison WiT send your newsletter?

We send our newsletter every other week; you can view our past newsletters here.

How do I sign up for the Madison WiT newsletter?

It's super easy! Sign up for our newsletter here.

What all is in the WiT newsletter?

It features:

  • WiT news
  • Information about coming WiT events
  • Community news, events and volunteering opportunities
  • Job openings (Madison-based and remote)
  • List of Madison WiT members seeking work