"Awesome group of intelligent, strong women! Great supportive and informative dialogue."


"Madison Women in Tech is a great, supportive and empowering community for me, to see local women come together and support each other is inspiring and encouraging!!"


“Thanks a bazillion Madison Women in Tech for all your 'behind the scenes' efforts to thoughtfully bring / partner on this and other engaging community / learning events!”


"Awesome! I always meet great, interesting, & inspiring women every time I go!"


"It's awesome to see how Women In Tech has their fingers in all sorts of techie pies, offering lots of opportunities to members and chances for diverse groups of tech-interested people to find one another!"


"Every event I attend, I'm more thankful that I found this group. Big thanks to Hilary, Ashley and Catherine! I appreciate that you make events welcoming and supportive. The mailing list is so helpful too!"


"Love it! You have to join. Most supportive networking group in Madison."


"Incredible! As a trans woman, one of my many concerns include wondering if leadership is going to acknowledge me and my gender but they have been warm and welcoming at every interaction. This not only applies to leadership but all the members I've met so far."


"I really enjoy Women in Tech; it gives me the confidence that I need."


"Love this Meetup - definitely my favorite."


"Very welcoming attitude with a wide base of expertise. Great sense of humor and shared camaraderie. Always ready to answer questions regardless of one's knowledge level. Diverse membership and a place to feel safe in expressing our concerns and opinions."


"I love the diverse talks/get-togethers!"