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See below for members of Madison Women in Tech who are actively seeking new employment. This list is updated every two to three weeks.

Software Engineer/ Android


"I'm a senior student in Computer Science major at UW Madison. I'm looking for a full time job and my availability is from May 2021, after my graduation."

UI/UX design


"Hi, I’m Jade- a food scientist and pastry cook turned UI/UX designer. As a scientist, I take an analytic approach to solving problems with the aim to find simple and clear solutions. And among cooks, there’s a common saying- “you eat with your eyes”- meaning that presentation can be as important as content, as true for pastries as for interfaces. Armed with years of research experience, a knack for visual aesthetics, and training in User Interface Design (and a little VUI) from CareerFoundry, I'm searching for work in user experience design, user interface design, web design, mobile design, and open to communication design as well! "

developer, technical project manager, product manager

Sara Krizan

"I am a full-stack web developer and project manager with foundations in biology and client services. I have extensive experience providing support to legal, scientific and not-for-profit businesses, and a track-record of successes as a project manager using both waterfall and Agile methodologies. I am driven by equal parts curiosity and the desire to contribute to work that has a positive impact on the world! I would be thrilled for an opportunity to leverage my science education, project management background and skills in JavaScript, Python, MongoDB, SQL and React.js, to help your teams identify creative and elegant solutions to challenges in software development and project management."